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Since 2007, the Shapeways team has had the privilege to roll up their shirtsleeves and get down to business in guiding over one million companies to success in 3D printing. That’s over one million reasons to remain inspired and motivated, as we help innovative designers around the world shine in their work, creating new concepts and designs that translate into quality 3D prints and happy customers. Please never forget how much we value your feedback as a powerful tool for meeting your needs in the future!


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Fantastic Experiences

I am a frequent purchaser (over 4 years) of Shapeways 3D printed models and products. The quality of the printed products, speed to print and accuracy of shipments have been fantastic. The customer service team and the account managers have been very responsive, accommodating and are available if order updates need to occur. I am a BIG FAN of Shapeways!

- Garry S.

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Awesome customer service

Shapeways is one of our great manufacturers for our products. 99% of the time products are top notch quality. But when it happens that something goes wrong, there is an awesome team of customer service that do everything in their power to set things right. I would definitely recommend Shapeways as a production partner!

- Sebastian F.

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Quality is what they deliver

As a business owner, I order a lot on Shapeways. They deliver quality prints and they guarantee it. If something goes wrong, they’ll go mils to set things straight. Superb customer service, which makes me come back every time. Thank you Shapeways for manufacturing our designs!

- S Fi

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Parts ahead of schedule and to excellent quality

I needed the parts ready ahead of the orginally given date and Shapeways delivered on this. Quality of parts was as usually outstanding.

- Nik Stamenov

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Great customer service, great product quality and fast turnaround time

We’ve been working with Shapeways to manufacture our on-demand / made-to-order jewelry designs (cast metals: silver, brass, gold) for the past three years. Nine out of ten times the product quality is exceptional. Occasionally, we do receive parts with defects or imperfections, but their customer service is always quick to respond to issues. We always get either a refund or a re-print for any imperfect parts. Shapeways’s turnaround time has also been extremely impressive. We had an unexpectedly large number of orders in November during our Black Friday Sale and we needed a $25,000 order turned around in three weeks. We didn’t think it would be possible but miraculously Shapeways manged to turn around all the parts in extremely high quality in a matter of 3 weeks. We would highly recommend their services and products.

- Marie J.

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Great 3d printing vendor

I regularly use Shapeways for my engineering design business. I use a variety of materials, from SLS nylon to DMLS aluminum, to binder-jetting and sintered stainless steel. Great customer service and very competitive pricing with a rush delivery option, which is nice.

- Chris C.

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